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ShopandShout lets YOU choose which brands to collaborate with; giving Influencers the ability to grow thier audience by creating and sharing authentic branded content that gets promoted across social media.

We partner with exciting start-ups, local businesses, and global brands to bring our Influencer Community a variety of campaign opportunities. Join 40,000 other inspiring Influencers, and get rewarded with free products, exclusive experiences, and points that instantly turn to cash. 💰

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Cash In Your Points

Earn points that turn to cash in 3 ways
once you join our Community.
1. Paid Campaigns and Ambassador Programs Look for this symbol to identify campaigns offering monetary compensation.
2. Points for Awesome Posts! Brands reward Influencers whose posts take it to another level with 500 points or more depending on the brand.
3. Refer an Influencer 150 points per referred Influencer +350 points if they opt-in and complete a campaign. 1000 points = $10 USD!
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Campaign Options

There are four ways to collaborate with Brands and showcase your creative abilities. We always promote our best Influencer content!


Get a free product, and provide a social media ShoutOut for amazing brands and products, from makeup to restaurants!


Share the love with your followers by hosting a branded giveaway! Products for you, and for your luckiest followers!


Challenge your followers, complete goals, and activate your community. Experiences range from boat trips to scavenger huts!


Team up with incredible brands and become an exclusive media partner! A rewarding opportunity that can take your personal brand to the next level.

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Here Are Some of Our Cool Brand Partners

Blue Diamond Parkland inkbox
Evalina Walmart Colgate