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for Free.
Tell Stories that Inspire.

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Trust, Authenticity, Simplicity

We believe in the power of micro-Influencers to make a big impact. So we created a marketplace that gives everyday Influencers direct access to amazing brands that their followers love to hear about.

At ShopandShout we like to keep it real...simple. We cut out all the back and forth of working with brands so that Influencers can get back to what they're good at: creating relatable content that inspires.

Branded storytelling with a happy ending.
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The Influencer Marketplace

Four ways to collaborate, thousands of stories to tell
ShoutOut Campaigns Experience cool new products, give an inspiring ShoutOut
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Head to the marketplace, find ShoutOut campaigns that you qualify for, and want to experience. Once you opt in, you'll get the product for $0. Just follow the ShoutOut requirements when it's time to share the love!
Giveaway Campaigns A little giving goes a long way
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Generate excitement for new and interesting products with custom giveaway campaigns. Look for giveaways in the Marketplace to gift your followers with items they'll love.
Influencer Missions Get deployed to active duty
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Big campaigns need big engagement. If you're up for a challenge and think you can take your followers on a journey - we've got some new and exciting campaigns that are sure to prove your clout!
Ambassador Programs Take the relationship
to the next level
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Become an extension of a brand and an inspiration to your followers. As a Brand Ambassador you'll form close partnerships and be the first to try out exclusive products and experiences.

How it works

There are four main steps required for each campaign

New and exciting brands are added to the
marketplace every day!

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Join our Ambassador Program and get paid $5 each time a friend or follower gives a ShoutOut for one of our campaigns

Influencer Programs

Privileged recognition for the best and brightest in our community

Elite Influencers

Receive a black Elite Influencer Visa rewards card that we load up with cash as you get invited into exclusive campaigns and paid parnterships with some of our biggest brands.

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Young Stars

Young stars are Influencers between 13 - 19 years old who are growing their audience and their personal brand with relevant and relatable content.

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