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“Working with the Shop & Shout team was great! Their platform allowed us to promote our grocery delivery service and access hundreds of on-brand foodie influencers easily without all the manual follow up. Shop & Shout’s access to top social media influencers makes their platform the ideal choice for busy businesses wanting to increase their social reach.”
Mark Tallman, SPUD.ca

“Shop and Shout magnified and simplified our influencer marketing campaign by facilitating connections with many amazing influencers through their marketplace.  This allowed our influencer campaign to grow, and flourish while taking up less time and letting our small team focus on other marketing objectives at the same time.  And the quality of content in our Shop and Shouts was extremely high, we are very pleased with our campaign.”
Alison, Social Media Coordinator, Alligga

“I have recently started using Shop & Shout as a means to optimize the growth of my company’s social media presence.The platform is full of tools and easy to use, and having the ability to find targeted markets, communities and social media influencers through key words and brand-specific channels is one of the greatest advantages I could ever ask for! ”
Hannah Gutham, Community Coordinator, Beekeeper’s Naturals

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Our cutting-edge dashboard lets you monitor reach, spread, sentiment and much more about your ShoutOuts. Furthermore, you can monitor your market, competitors, and even manage your social media channels. Want to find out more?