Trade Products for Shoutouts From Targeted Influencers
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Collaborate to Grow

Content, Exposure, and Advocacy for Your Brand

Shoutout Campaigns allow brands to place their products, services and experiences (like events) in the hands of content creators in exchange for branded content on social media.

Work with mico-Influencers and pay no additional compensation for content, or target Elite Influencers for exponential reach.

Identify your ideal Influencer, describe what they get to experience, and define the content you want created!

Put Your Brand on Stage

Imagine hundreds of Influencers focused on driving your brand forward, and everything is automated.

Automated Campaign

Launch New Campaigns in Minutes

Once your brand submits a new campaign, our team will review your Campaign and update you with anything we think will help take it to the next level! Upon final approval, we'll take your campaign live and you can sit back, relax, and watch the content roll in!

We Drive Results

Average Results From a 3-Month ShoutOut Campaign

ShopandShout has the numbers that matter most for brands. With exceptional campaign metrics and an average one million online reach per campaign, ShopandShout facilitates your brands Influencer and social media marketing needs.

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