Giving Influence Back To Community

We’re About The Everyday Influencers

Personalities that speak to their communities and constantly engage their followers — followers who connect and identify with them, and value their opinions.

Celebs and icons are paid large amounts to promote products – we’re different. ShopandShout.com is a trusting environment, free of negotiations — we make the exchange for social exposure, simple.

Our marketplace boosts awareness, trust, and advocacy for brands; while providing amazing experiences to Everyday Influencers. We help our community cultivate content, and engagement within more authentic social circles.

Whose endorsement would you trust anyway – the Kardashians, or someone a little more… authentic and tangible?

“We Want to Empower Brands and Everyday Influencers by Making Collaboration and Exposure Simple and Authentic.”

ShopandShout.com was founded by Vinod Varma and Laura Wensley — social entrepreneurs who are passionate about helping local businesses and communities thrive through positive collaboration and creative strategy.

Our goal is to help brands carry out authentic, scale-able, Influencer campaigns. We know most companies don’t have the appetite for expensive, time consuming marketing. And frankly — neither do we.

So to create a platform that increases the efficiency of social media marketing while saving time and reducing costs — we first simplified things by scaling back what an Influencer really is: a person that truly represents their community, connects with their audience, and creates resonance with their experiences.

With this, we created an online marketplace open to all kinds of Influencers. The transparent environment takes away the need for tedious communication and dragged negotiations — making it easy for Influencers to support local products and services that they can easily experience and share with their followers.

Our model is based on the premise that 92% consumers trust the opinions of individuals over any sponsored advertising.

We’ve also integrated a cutting-edge dashboard for brands that automatically monitors ShoutOuts and provides real time performance analytics, so they can better manage their social media channels.

ShopandShout.com is proud to deliver this experience to our brands and the Influencers who shop and shout. Help us grow – if you know a brand or Influencer who would benefit, please share us with them!

Our Promise: A Safe Environment Between Our Influencers And Our Brands

To ensure that our social marketplace provides a trusting environment for Influencers to connect with amazing brands, and foster positive consumer and brand relationships — we’ve established a simple and effective platform that:

  • Provides brands with a more efficient way to build trust, drive brand advocacy, and better manage their social.
  • Provides a tool for Everyday Influencers to generate content, inform their followers, and capitalize on their social assets.

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