The idea of Maue (pronounced “Maui”) was born out of the personal struggle with our founders, Bernard and Angie. Angie has suffered from digestive issues and hormonal acne throughout her 20’s. Something she never discussed with friends and family, but an issue she has been consistently struggling with. After going to countless doctors, naturopaths and taking prescription drugs for years, her issues did not get any better. She decided to find the root of her problems on her own and started learning about whole, clean foods and incorporating a consistent exercise regimen into her lifestyle. Within a few weeks, she completely got rid of her digestive issues and hormonal acne from just changing her diet. Bernard has always struggled with putting on weight. Up until his early 20’s, he was 6-foot-tall but only weighted as little as 108 pounds. Aside from feeling physically weak, his personal confidence was always low. As soon as he got his first job, he was determined to invest into gym memberships, a better diet and healthy supplements. With thousands of dollars invested in trial and error, Bernard spent years to finally get back to a healthier weight and learned a lot through his journey. Our passion for living a healthier lifestyle has motivated us to launch Maue Nutrition. We wanted to provide a healthy alternative to all the other supplements in the market that has minimal nutritional value. We believe in full transparency, highest quality and plant-based ingredients in all our products when possible. Our Mission Our mission is to help provide nutrient-rich supplements and foods that is affordable to everyone around the world. We believe a huge part of a healthy lifestyle is being able to feed your body with the nutrition it needs to develop to its fullest potential. We are excited to grow our community and connected with health-minded people like YOU! Follow us on Instagram or send us an email if you have any questions.