Authentic Content That Converts

Authentic Content That Converts

Automate and Scale Micro-Influencer Campaigns

ShopandShout eliminates the need for finding, negotiating, and following-up with Influencers. Stay focused on the big picture while we put your content, and Influencer strategy on autopilot.

Our Not-So-Micro Advantage

User-generated content from a micro Influencer is 9.8x more likely to convert a potential customer compared to a larger, paid Influencer's post. In fact, 83% of consumers trust the recommendations of nano and micro Influencers over any other form of branded advertising - which is why we've grown our community to over 44,000 micro-Influencers (and counting!).

You can now scale campaigns and activate hundreds of on-brand micro-Influencers for a single campaign, then use ShopandShout to amplify Influencer content so you can drive awareness, trust, conversions, app-downloads, clicks, impressions, follower-counts, and more.

Getting Started is Easy

Create a campaign (don't worry about getting it perfect), select your plan, and you'll be connected with a campaign specialist before going live.

Identify Your Ideal Influencers

Target interests, locations, engagement rates, age groups, and more. Only Influencers who meet your criteria can opt into your campaign.


Describe Their Experience

Describe the product or service the Influencers get to experience from you. Upload images, retail price, benefits, and cool stories about your brand to help Influencers identify if you're a good fit for their followers!


Direct Your Content

Give creative guidance on the theme of the content, including visuals, captions hashtags, CTAs and more that you want the Influencers to create, and share on your behalf.

Automated Campaign Execution

Automated Campaign Execution

Our team works with you to optimize the campaign. Once live: sit back, relax and watch qualified Influencers opt into your campaign. You approve or deny Influencers as the final gatekeeper for collaboration.

Provide the tracking url for their package, they know what to do! Review campaign analytics, score your Influencer's content, and more, from your dashboard.

Flexible Plans Starting at $795/month

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