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What Is A ShoutOut?

ShoutOuts are like currency on ShopandShout. They are posts you create and share on social media about an experience from our marketplace – each brand has unique ShoutOut requirements. You must meet and agree to the ShoutOut requirements in order to add an experience to cart.

ShoutOut requirements include: your social following, interests, specific social channels to share on, keywords, URLS, #hashtags, and a deadline.

Requirements do not restrict your creativity, the more engaging your ShoutOuts are – the more exclusive offers and opportunities you receive to collaborate!

Get a product, give a ShoutOut – it’s pretty easy!

How It Works

1. Get In

<< Sign up as an Influencer. You’ll receive an email to complete your login. From your profile, you’ll confirm your interests, and connect your social media accounts so you can get Shopping, and Shouting!

2. Explore

See something that resonates with your following? Make sure you have enough followers to qualify.

Click to discover more about the brand, and view the ShoutOut requirements. Want to support them with your ShoutOuts? Just add it to your cart and check-out!

3. Experience

Once you check-out, you’ll receive an email with special instructions to schedule your delivery, or book your appointment.

Be sure to take photos, videos, and stories to create your ShoutOut within the specified timeline. Have fun with the experience!

4. ShoutOut!

Be creative, and show some love for the brand you got to experience. Create an engaging ShoutOut to share online with friends and followers – authentic videos, and stories are highly encouraged!

Why Do I Need A Credit Card?

We place a hold on your credit card upon checkout. 100% of the hold is released when you successfully ShoutOut as per the requirements. This protects our marketplace and community from dishonest members.

We really don’t want to charge anyone. If something complicates your ShoutOut, just email us at influencers@shopandshout.com with a clear subject line. We work closely with our brands and Influencers to ensure we can maintain a transparent and free social marketplace designed to inspire collaboration.


What is Shop And Shout?
Shopandshout.com is a marketplace where Everyday Influencers get to experience products and services in exchange for social posts that we call “ShoutOuts”. We help you trade your awesome content creation skills for equally awesome branded products. Experience a new brand, give a ShoutOut in return!
Do I need to pay for anything?
No, we only place a temporary hold on your card upon check-out, you are not charged. You only pay for an item if you fail to share your ShoutOut in accordance with the ShoutOut requirements. We don’t want to charge you, so get in touch if something complicates your ShoutOut!
Why is it free? Is there a catch?
Because we don’t want your money, there is no catch! Just act with integrity, and ensure you comply with the ShoutOut Requirements – you’ll love using our marketplace to score some amazing experiences that you can share with friends and followers 🙂
Do I get to try the product before I give a ShoutOut?
Yup, you bet! After you check out – we initiate the process of putting the product in your hands. A hold is placed on your credit card, and the item is sent to you (or you pick it up). The hold is released when your ShoutOut is successfully shared!
What if I mess up my ShoutOut?
No worries – let us know, and tell us when you’re going to re-share your ShoutOut! Continued unsuccessful ShoutOuts may lead to your credit card being charged for the hold amount, or an account suspension. (Please don’t make us go there – it’s just extra work we don’t want to do!)
How long does it take for the product to arrive?
Please allow two weeks for the product to arrive, depending on your location we do our best to get you your product within one business week. If you do not receive your product two weeks after your order date, please contact us at influencers@shopandshout.com . Once you let us know, we can make a note on your account and you will not risk being charged.
I got the product. Now what?
Review the ShoutOut Requirements that were sent to you via email shortly after you checkout. Have fun with your experience, and ensure that the content you create includes ALL of the ShoutOut requirements, and it posted on-time. Thanks for shopping, and, Shouting!
Will I be charged if my order has not arrived by the ShoutOut Deadline?
If you do not receive your product on time, please communicate this to us by emailing influencers@shopandshout.com and you will not be charged. You will also receive follow up emails including a form called “ShoutOut Status Update”. The form is designed for this type of feedback on where you are at with your ShoutOut, and will come back to our team to let us know not to charge you.
What happens if I don’t like the product?
We encourage honest, authentic reviews in our marketplace. If you receive a product that you don’t like or cannot use, please contact us immediately and let us know the details. In the case that you do not want to complete a ShoutOut for a product, we will help arrange to have the item shipped back to the vendor so that you are not charged for the product.
I have received a product that is damaged / unusable, what do I do?
If you receive a damaged or unusable product, please connect with us immediately at influencers@shopandshout.com so that we can connect with the vendor regarding the issue.  We will assist with returning the damaged product, helping you receive a new order, and updating your account as necessary.
My Order Status is “Pending” or “On Hold”
Not to worry! This is simply the status of your ShoutOut between placing your order, and completing your post. Once your ShoutOut is completed and verified, this information will be updated. It does not mean that you have been charged, it just means that your ShoutOut is not yet completed.
I shared my ShoutOut. How do I confirm it's complete?
  1. Once your content is live please fill out the ShoutOut Completion Form this will be emailed to you shortly after you place your order.
  2. Alternatively you can email influencers@shopandshout.com directly and provide The Product Name, the email associated with your account, your name and a direct URL link to your post. All of this information must be included in the message, and your account will be updated as soon as possible.
I shared my ShoutOut. Why is my order still “On Hold”?
Awesome job! If you’re at this stage, it means you’ve created and shared some awesome content that (hopefully) meets the ShoutOut Requirements. The hold is not automatically released because at ShopandShout, our team verifies eachShoutOut to ensure Quality for our brands. 
I think I may have been charged...
We will never charge your Credit Card for an item without communicating with you first. The last thing we want to do is charge any of our community members for the products they receive, as that is not what we are about here at ShopandShout. The temporary hold on your card will show as a pending charge but will not be put through if all of the ShoutOut Requirements are met.
My credit card has been charged...
If you happen to notice a charge on your Credit Card Statement without notification from our team, please reach out to influencers@shopandshout.com with a clear subject line, a screenshot of the Credit Card statement clearly displaying a completed charge, and any other relevant information so that we can resolve the issue for you in a timely manner.
How long does a ShoutOut need to stay posted on my feed?

We strongly advise you not to remove ShoutOuts from your feed once they are verified.

The brands that we bring into our marketplace do look at the ShoutOuts, and can follow up to review their ShoutOuts at any time. Removing your post after completing your ShoutOut may hurt your credibility as an influencer, and add potential charges to your Credit Card if your post is missing upon additional review.

We do however encourage you to carefully consider your ShoutOuts before checking out, and craft content that fits your brand aesthetic and personal style seamlessly! Don’t be afraid to be choosy about which brands you check out, our marketplace is constantly evolving and offering new amazing products; it will benefit you to pick products and services that are targeted for your market.

Can I archive my ShoutOuts once they've been marked complete?

Do not archive ShoutOuts from your feed once they are verified.

The brands that we bring into our marketplace do look at the ShoutOuts, and can follow up to review their ShoutOuts at any time. Removing your post after completing your ShoutOut may hurt your credibility as an Influencer, and add potential charges to your Credit Card if your post is missing upon additional review.

Why are some products password protected?
Some of our products are password protected because those items haven’t officially launched in our marketplace! Keep your eyes out for: New Product Launch emails introducing the brand into our marketplace. Other Ways you can stay in the loop, is to follow us on Instagram (@ishopandshout) and check the marketplace regularly to see if those new products are available.
Do I need a referral code to sign up?
No! You can still sign up without a referral code, this is not a mandatory field.