10 Tree’s planted in your name!

By: ReplantAmazon
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10 Tree’s planted in your name!

By: ReplantAmazon


Giveaway Campaign
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10 Tree’s planted in your name!


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What You Will Receive

Replant Amazon is on a mission to plant 1 Billion Trees by 2022. For this influencer giveaway campaign, you will have 10 trees will be planted in your name with - another 10 trees will be planted in the name of your giveaway winner. A Replant Amazon bundle including a 25L dry backpack and a Hudson Tumbler travel mug will be sent to you, to create content for the giveaway.


We offer a service where customers can purchase a tree or multiple trees and watch them grow. Our mission is to replant the lost trees that were destroyed in the 2019 fires. As the ground is not ready to sustain growth with a 100% success rate, Replant Amazon is working on projects around the world with sustainable environments. Once the trees are planted, each customer will receive a QR code with┬ápersonalized information about thier trees, location and pictures. Scanning the QR code will land on a page similar to this https://replantamazon.com/pages/forest-1013 We update the personalized page on a monthly basis so our customers can track their trees on a regular basis. These trees are planted as part of a bigger plantation project. In 1 year time, this will grow to a 15ft canopy forest. It is rewarding to see how a small action can create a global impact!  

ShoutOut Requirements

Should have the brand logo somewhere on a product, mention about having planted trees through our service and explicitly mention about QR code based tracking page for looking at tree growth updates


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Brand Story

Our mission is replant the lost 1 Billion trees from Amazon fires by 2022