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100% Raw Plant Based Protein

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What you get to experience

900 grams of RP3 = Raw Phyto Performance Proteins

Are you frustrated that 99% of proteins powders are created for the fitness industry? Let me introduce you to the first super clean 100% Raw plant-based protein with only three ingredients!

Avena’s RP3 is for health, not big bulky muscles! Did you know that the human body builds thousands of proteins every day which regulate every system in our bodies! It takes 20 amino acids as building blocks to keep you healthy and slow down aging. When you heat a protein, you damage many of these amino acids, making them bio-unavailable. It’s a legal requirement to heat Whey or any animal product. It is also the cheapest and easiest way to process plant proteins.

RP3 is the only plant-based protein that has taken the extra steps of keeping it unheated, and truly RAW!

Three Ingredients

1) Canadian Hemp Seeds

2) Sprouted Yellow Pea

3) Goji Berries

+Enhanced with Enzymes & Probiotics Protease: with 100,000 HUT of Protease per serving you will experience simple, easy utilization of the RP3 Proteolytic Probiotics: with 1,000,000,000 CFU of DDS Probiotic per serving will remove any bloating or gut ache.

Experience the healthiest protein on the market and be amazed at how satisfying it is, while at the same time not causing any bloating, fatigue or nausea often found with Whey, Soy, or Creatine proteins. Maintain a healthy body with Avena’s RP3 RP3 Delivers 21grams of Protein per 30g Serving.

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Brand Story

Avena Originals was born out of the necessity to save a life! With the founder's wife dying of terminal lupus and given only weeks to live. Together they desperately sought out answers. They were introduced to a powerful lifestyle that had a long history of helping people heal themselves. Bio-Feedback devices like the Meridian Stress Analysis is what the family used to help focus and create a plan for recovery; with this, they started her battle back to health. It was like unlocking the secrets to health, they witnessed her incurable disease start shifting, and within eight months she had fully recovered from Lupus never to have it return. The entire family has dedicated their lives to providing these amazing tools needed her their recovery; they have also become teachers and guides for the lifestyle that saved a hopeless life. Avena Originals is dedicated to the highest quality natural health products in the world, surpassing all requirements and standards. It's the cleanest, most effective product you will ever experience!


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