1080P RC500S Dashcam

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1080P RC500S Dashcam



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1080P RC500S Dashcam

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A 2 channel 1080P dashcam from DOD (installation not included) Road trips just got better with the RC500S: This dashcam is a powerful in-car security device. The DOD RC500S features dual 1080p cameras paired with the advanced Sony STARVIS Sensor and a big aperture f/1.6 lens. This leads to incredibly clear video, and surprisingly detailed night vision. With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can easily access and share pictures and video from your smartphone/tablet via the free DOD APP. The RC500S also features red light and speed trap camera warning via its GPS technology to caution you when approaching fixed red light cameras and speed camera locations. And - it has a  parking surveillance mode - keep an eye on your vehicle even when you're not around! The DOD RC500S is a game changer. A leader in-car security, video quality, and functionality. Experience a DOD Dashcam in your car today!

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A crystal clear image is a necessity to capture all of the detail on the road. We strive to provide dash-cams that offer the best image quality. We use high quality image sensors and high quality lenses. Combined with a high ISO sensitivity, this ensures that you get clear and crisp videos day or night.

Made from high quality materials and parts, our dash-cams offer high quality performance in all situations. Day, night, hot weather, cold weather; we have you covered. Super fast 10Hz GPS logging ensures that your speed and location data are as accurate as possible. From top to bottom, our dash-cams are designed with performance in mind.