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A Month Supply of Snooze

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This all natural, one a day, vegan, scientifically proven, adrenal sleep support product is designed to give you that much needed deep nights sleep.

Wether you struggle get to sleep or find yourself awake at 3 am, you are trust that taking Snooze will leave you refreshed and ready to take on the day with no sleep hangover.
Snooze is a one a day, all natural, pharmaceutical grade, scientifically formulated stress sleep support product, with so much more. It’s like the sister product to Restore.


Chinese Hawthorn: Heart tonic (relaxes the heart), reduces stress, weight management while you sleep.

Valerian: inhibits GABA breakdown (studies show those with insomnia have low levels of GABA), mild sedative, lowers anxiety

Passionflower: contains GABA, helps reduce night sweats and hot flashes, lowers anxiety, increases deep sleep REM, reduces time it takes to fall asleep.

L Theanine: assists in stress, anxiety, supports the immune system, promotes weight loss, lowers cortisol, increases sleep quality.

GABA: treats high blood pressure, reduces anxiety, stress, increases sleep
and stimulates GH production, burns fat and increases lean muscle tissue.

Magnesium: used in over 600 cellular reactions in the body. Regulates melatonin and bibds yo GABA receptors. It has calming effect to the brain (as a result of the glycinate), relieves anxiety, promotes better sleep, quiets the nervous system.

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