All Natural Clean Whey

By: AURA Nutrition
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All Natural Clean Whey

By: AURA Nutrition


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All Natural Clean Whey


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What You Will Receive

Receive a tub of delicious Classic Chocolate All Natural Clean Whey! 


AURA Complete Protein is made with un-dentatured, cold-filtered, natural whey protein. No added sugar, natural cocoa, and is low in carbs.

-24g of clean protein per serving

-AURA Clean Whey is athlete tested with a blend of potassium, calcium, and iron, perfect to support the everyday female.

-Mixes well with just water, smoothies, shakes or use it for baking... there is NO added sugar or fillers in this wonderful product, only natural cocoa.

-Made with a unique digestive enzyme blend that promotes healthy digestion without any bloating.

-Low carb, no sugar, all natural, gluten free, keto friendly.

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Brand Story

About the Brand: Lifestyle nutrition products made for women, by women. Level up with collagen, plant-based, and protein products made with you in mind. About the Product/Service: AURA is a female focused nutrition company bringing you all-natural products that fit into your lifestyle.