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All-Natural Vanilla Vegan Protein

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New, great tasting, Vanilla Plant-Based Protein with the perfect blend of fermented pea, organic pumpkin seed, organic fermented sprouted brown rice, and organic quinoa. All-natural, zero sugar, low carbs. Ladies, we know some products are hard on the tummy. Our unique digestive blend with pineapple and papaya are the answer to your prayers!

If you have tried plant-based protein powder in the past, you may have had an interesting experience. You KNOW the extra nutrients are supposed to be good for you. But that gritty, chalky feeling you get in your mouth leaves something to be desired. We want to make it easy to live healthy.

Not only does AURA Nutrition search for products and ingredients that meet the unique needs of female bodies. We also exhaustively trial the taste, feel, and results with a diverse group of women. Yes, all of our products have you in mind!

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Brand Story

About the Brand: Lifestyle nutrition products made for women, by women. Level up with collagen, plant-based, and protein products made with you in mind. About the Product/Service: AURA is a female focused nutrition company bringing you all-natural products that fit into your lifestyle.


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