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Amazon Echo Dot Mounting Station

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A Mounting Station to combine with your existing Amazon Echo Dot. A durable case and mounting dock for a cleaner, more organized wall-mounted look, while improving the durability. 

Another thing to make your life easier from Mumba. This simple wall-mount dock for the Amazon Echo Dot saves space, and creates a cleaner look with no loose wires. An awesome accessory for anyone with an Amazon Echo Dot.

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Brand Story

Mumba is a company geared towards everyday tech appealing to the new millennial consumer. From parents to young adults and children, Mumba prides itself in creating products that will bring value to peoples lives and take part in creating an easier, more streamlined way of life. Focused on quality over consumption, Mumba has carefully crafted its collection of products and built a team behind it to provide top notch customer service and create an excellent buying experience. Find your next cool gadget at the Mumba store on Amazon!


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