Anti Aging Serum

By: Prismatii
Retail Value: $25.99
Ambassador Campaign
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Anti Aging Serum

By: Prismatii


Ambassador Campaign
$25.99 Value
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Anti Aging Serum


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What You Will Receive

For this ambassador campaign you'll receive Prismatti's anti aging serum and you will earn 20% Commission on every item sold through your affiliate link!


Prismatti's Anti Aging Serum is rich with natural ingredients, this serum has a moisturizing feeling that endures and continues to hydrate skin throughout the day. All natural oils - jojoba oil, toner, aloe vera, witch hazel, neutrogena, green tea - perfect minerals for maintaining healthy skin that shows no age or wrinkles. This vitamin C hydro boosting serum is filled with 1 fl oz or 30 ml, all you need for smooth facial or body pores. This age-defying cream will mask any wrinkle and boost skin long-term.

You'll receive Anti Aging Serum plus you will also earn 20% Commission on every item sold through your affiliate link! The brand will send you a link that you can add to your bio.

Being a brand ambassador for Prismatii allows you to be one of the few influencers in the world promoting our premium skincare line. With this comes extended opportunity to make more money and travel as we expand our organic ethically sourced products. It feels good influencing people to do things that are good for their health and confidence!

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Brand Story

Prismatii was founded with the dream of supplying the world with products that would make the world a more beautiful place... where everyone is comfortable and happy to be alive. Prismatii Recognizes that each and every one of us is a divine creature and should treat ourselves as such. With these things in mind Prismatii was created to assist individuals in recognizing their own divinity Prismatii sprouted from Seattle in March 2019 and hopes to make an impact all around the world by inspiring positive change.