Gluten Free Meals for 2

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Gluten Free Meals for 2



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Gluten Free Meals for 2


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What You Will Receive

For this campaign, you will receive two Venezuelan, gluten-free meals that are fresh to order from our Crossroads Market eatery. *Please note that this campaign is exclusive to the Alberta, Canada region.


We are a Venezuelan eatery located in Crossroads Market serving award-winning gluten-free arepas. We cater to meat lovers, vegetarians, and vegans and are offering a chance to try our famous recipes such as our arepa & yuca fries. Most notably, our Guasacaca Sauce was featured on Season 14 of Dragon's Den. You can see the full list of menu options here. We would like to extend a helping hand to restaurants across North America who are offering food delivery or takeout services during these trying times.

Effective immediately: ShopandShout.co will be offering free Influencer Marketing services to any restaurants in North America. The goal is to help promote awesome delivery and take out food.

We are excited to see the impact you can create.  It's people like you who make the world a better place by using your social influence to spread awareness for those who need help.

ShoutOut Requirements

In line with our brand - fun, professional, authentic, and a little quirky. Making it appear enticing for the viewers as indulging in Venezuelan cuisine or topping homemade items with our famous sauces experience at home or office, with friend(s) or family.

@arepaboss, @ishopandshout

#shopandshout, #glutenfree, #shoplocalyyc, #supportlocalyyc

Checked out the Bosses' @crossroadsmarket and tried their (insert product)...yep it was awesome!

Brand Story

We are AREPA BOSS, a locally owned and operated award winning food truck and eatery in Calgary, AB. We serve gluten-free, mouth watering arepas, the traditional "sandwich" of Venezuela. Boss Man, Xavier, has created delicious smoked meats and sauces that we serve from Crossroads Market Fri/Sat/Sun 9-5 as well as through our food truck. We are the first food truck in Canada and the first eatery in Calgary to be certified as Gluten-Free. We have multiple food and customer service awards from the Calgary Stampede and we are always striving to do more and do better! Boss Lady, Leah, works hard to get the word out to introduce new customers to their arepas - along with the delicious meats served they also cater to vegetarians and vegans.