Dragon’s Den: BathBomb Cards

By: BathBomb Cards
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Dragon’s Den: BathBomb Cards

By: BathBomb Cards


Giveaway Campaign
$35 Value
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Dragon’s Den: BathBomb Cards


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What You Will Receive

You will receive 2 cute "love you forever" BathBomb Cards, each infused different scent Lavender oil and Eucalyptus essential oil. Your giveaway winner will receive a 50$ CAD coupon to their online store.


Open up the cards like a regular greeting card, it feels like paper but also smells great! You can place the card in the water and watch the whole card dissolve in a minute or two while it fizzes and releases essential oils and colours. The inside of the Love You Forever BathBomb Card is blank meaning you can write custom messages to your family, loved one or friends. The size of the card is 4" x 6". Place this amazing card in the Bathtub and watch it vanish before your eyes. It colours the water and releases a wonderful scented aroma. Receive 2 Love You Forever BathBomb Card, each infused with a different scent Lavender or Eucalyptus essential oil. All our products are: ✓ Hand Made  ✓ Non Toxic  ✓ Eco Friendly  ✓ Fully Dissolvable  ✓ Made in Canada  ✓ 100% Essential Oils or Fragrance

ShoutOut Requirements

Giving the bathbomb card to friends, family or loved ones. Show off how the product works (the card dissolving in a bath, glass etc.).

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GIVEAWAY ALERT 🌸 Who would like to win a $50 CAD coupon to @bathbombcards? You can create your own custom-scented Bathbomb Card Package? All you have to do to enter is: 1️⃣Follow @bathbombcards 2️⃣Like this post 3️⃣Tag a friend that you would share with. 1 tag per comment is 1 entry. Multiple tags = multiple entries! They have Birthday cards, Mother's Day Cards or for just about any occasion you can think of. For only $12.99 CAD you can choose your scent, ship to someone else and you can even customize the message inside.

You will receive 2 Love You Forever BathBomb Cards (x 1 Lavender Infused Card and x1 Eucalyptus Infused Card). Your giveaway winner will receive a 50$ CAD coupon to our online store.

Brand Story

Bath Bombs and Greeting Cards, we put the two together to make the worlds first bath bomb greeting card. Looking and feeling like a normal greeting card, our greeting cards are infused with natural ingredients that are found in traditional bath fizzies! We use 100% essential oils that slowly release when the card is placed in the bath. BathBomb Cards are sure to leave the user with a very unique and relaxing experience!