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Bluhm CBD Drops

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What you get to experience

Our Broad Spectrum CBD drops (THC free). Choose from mint, lemon, or orange.

Bluhm offers bar none the best pharmaceutical grade CBD drops, salves, and gel caps. Our THC free broad spectrum drops are amazing; you can take them everyday and not worry about failing a drug. These have less side effects as well. This version does take some time to be fully effective. We ask you give it at least a week. These drops are absolutely some of the best on the market, and made by people that really care about you.

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Brand Story

Our founder Gregory Pierce has been working as a successful photographer for many years. Over time, he has had a lot of inflammation in his arms/hands and also a lot of stress from traveling worldwide. Upon discovering how much CBD helped him he decided to bring it to others. Health and wellness is also a big part of who we are. We do not make claims that CBD will heal everything under the sun, but do know it's been a major break through for may ailments. We are excited to see what benefits it provides to you!


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