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Choice of Dog Supplements

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1 of 4 available all natural hemp-based supplements for your dog!

If you have a dog, know a dog or maybe just love dogs. This is the shout out for you. We are a group of health focused dog lovers, based in Santa Barbara, California offering a line of Hemp Derived CBD products for your pet.We’d like to give you (really your pup) the opportunity to experience one of our products. Choose 1 of the following, and help support us with an amazing ShoutOut! 

1. Calm Down

Stress | Hyperactivity | Sleep

Even the most well behaved and superbly trained dog can act out when experiencing stress. Unfamiliar surroundings, guests in your home, thunderstorms, travel, or being left alone can all affect their usual relaxed demeanor. Specially formulated for easy digestion and quick absorption, Calm Down is ideal for helping to soothe your pet’s emotions with comforting relief. Where there is situational anxiety keep these treats handy to help mitigate your dog’s discomfort, curtail nervousness and help promote more restful sleep. 

*60 soft chews for dogs specially formulated to help calm all dogs and sizes. 

2. Relief Drops

Natural  I Pure I  Restorative

As dog lovers, we’re extremely picky about what goes into our best buddy’s dog bowl and body. That’s why we source all of our hemp extract from U.S. sources and use a patented, all-natural extraction process. Just as each delicious chew we create is designed to ensure the best quality functional food choice for your best friend, every ingredient we use in our Relief Drops is tested for purity, efficacy and safety.

Millions of dog owners are turning to hemp as a safe and gentle treatment for behavioral and situational anxiety, joint pain and inflammation, to relieve digestive disorders (colitis), for immune system support, and to encourage more restful sleep and stimulate appetite. Our tincture and chews have absolutely no psychoactive effect – simply the natural goodness of the vitamins, minerals, protein, terpenes, chlorophyll and flavonoids the hemp plant contains.

*One fluid ounce (30mg) bottle of 100% pure Hemp Extract with dropper   

3. Breath, Teeth, and Gums

Freshening | Cleansing | Antibacterial 

Showering your dog with affection often involves getting up close and personal with a wet nose and happy pink tongue. However, nothing puts a damper on nuzzling faster than bad breath. Don’t let doggy breath get between you and face-time with your best friend. Made with all-natural breath-enhancing ingredients including mint, and parsley, Breath, Teeth & Gums, helps stimulate the natural odor-fighting properties of your dog’s mouth while reducing plaque buildup, which results in bacteria that cause an unpleasant odor. 

*30 green biscuit bones for dogs specially formulated to help clean and purify your dog’s mouth. 

4. Hip and Joint

Mobility | Activity | Quality of life

Is your dog experiencing slowness, difficulty walking, or loss of appetite? Changes in your dog’s activity level could indicate an underlying cause such as joint discomfort, inflammation or arthritis. Research indicates that 1 in 4 dogs suffer from mobility issues. Symptoms such as limping, slowness in getting up, sleeping excessively, or a reluctance to go for walks may mean cartilage damage caused by osteoarthritis or Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD). Developed to take maximum advantage of hemp’s anti-inflammatory qualities, Hip & Joint Relief is formulated with Hemp Extract, Glucosamine, and MSM, to promote joint health and increase mobility. Each treat contains 5 mg of U.S. grown, full spectrum hemp extract, which studies have shown can significantly reduce joint inflammation – treat time can now stimulate your dog’s natural immunity, improving their overall quality of life.

*60 soft chews for dogs specially formulated to improve mobility in dogs of all sizes. 

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Brand Story

We’re based in beautiful Santa Barbara, the unofficial Dog Capital of California. We take our dogs with us everywhere – to the beach, hiking, downtown and on long car trips throughout California’s endless vistas. We know a thing or two about keeping our dogs happy and healthy, and the result is our four Canine Best Delight products: Calm Down Hip and Joint Relief Breath Teeth and Gums Relief Drops

As a dog lover you’ve probably been hearing a lot about the hottest trend in pet supplements – the use of Hemp Extract as a natural approach to pet health and wellness. Of course, there’s also been a great deal of news coverage lately on the use of hemp in humans. All of this attention has likely prompted you to think about adding it to the diet of your own dog. We were curious, too and decided to get busy and see what the fuss was all about.

After extensive and painstaking testing and analysis, our team has created innovative formulations which blend the power of 100% pure hemp extract with ashwagandha and other natural plant-based ingredients. The result is Canine Best Delights dog chews and tinctures, a new approach in dog supplements which takes the functional pet food movement to the next level. Our products have absolutely no psychoactive effect – simply the natural goodness of the vitamins, minerals, protein, terpenes, chlorophyll and flavonoids the hemp plant contains.

During the development phase of our products we’ve watched and listened as pet owners have provided our chews to their dogs as treats throughout the day. They’ve told us how they’ve relied on these tasty treats to reinforce obedience, to support good health, and or as a supplement to address situational and behavioral anxiety.

Today, thanks to our company leadership and our team members – The Dog Pack – we’ve harnessed the latest in dietary science to provide pet owners with the finest functional dog supplements available. It’s the foundation for our commitment to help make the most of your dog’s life every day™

We hope you’ll be a part of helping us write a new chapter to the history of human ingenuity in service of the health and wellness of “man’s best friend” through innovative nutrition and naturally-sourced ingredients!


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