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CBD Infused Skincare

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Your choice of lip balm (value $22), or a bottle of our CBD relief location (value $48)

Our products combine the healing properties of CBD and locally wild-crafted herbal extracts to create natural skincare and beauty products that soothe, hydrate and nourish the body. Everything we make is hand-poured in small batches in our Northern California laboratory to ensure optimal freshness and quality. We use premium ingredients and only source organic, USA-grown, full spectrum hemp CBD. We slow-extract fresh herbs (a three-week process) to create our proprietary potent and healing botanical oils. Vertly is great for bodies that ache, whether from travel, exercise or the stresses of everyday life. It also works as preventative wellness care for those of us who just want to feel their best every day.

Hemp CBD Infused relief lotion

At Vertly, we believe in the healing power of plants – particularly in the form of our all natural Relief Lotion, a restorative, vitamin-packed lotion featuring our signature CBD. Use whenever you’re in need of a little self-care, self-love and relief from the aches of exercise, travel or life in general. Our concentrated Relief Lotion offers the benefits of rich organic plant oils, nourishing Shea butter, healing magnesium and botanical herbs, all packaged within the calming scent of citrus and lavender. In addition to CBD, another superstar of this soothing formula is Arnica Flower, which we slowly extract to create our proprietary therapeutic herbal oil, ideal for stressed muscles and overworked limbs. The result? Skin that is soothed, hydrated and refreshed. A body that feels good from the outside in. Use all over or as a spot treatment for immediate relief and proceed to soothe yourself. Available in our signature scent blend of 8 therapeutic essential oils, with notes of Lavender & Citrus

Hemp CBD Infused lip balm

This is no ordinary lip balm! Handcrafted with organic and nourishing ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, cacao butter, kokum butter and jojoba oil, our balm will moisturize, heal and protect your lips. Vertly can also be used to spot treat parts of the face, hands and body that need extra TLC. The standout ingredient is a hemp-derived cannabinoid extract (CBD), which can be incredibly beneficial for skincare and wellness. We like to think of CBD as a vitamin and encourage supplementing your own natural reserves to help keep the body in balance. You’ll feel great knowing you are absorbing a little bit of CBD with every swipe of Vertly on the lips. Available in peppermint, rose and cocoa scents.

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Brand Story

We are a husband and wife team based in Northern California. With roots in the cannabis industry, in addition to our herbalism + wellness backgrounds, we’ve seen firsthand the anti-inflammatory, analgesic and calming benefits that CBD can offer. We wanted to merge these natural healing properties of CBD into a line of plant-based, clean skincare & beauty products. With our formulations, we approach CBD like a vitamin and allow for smaller amounts to be absorbed into the skin through daily use, supplementing the body’s natural reserves. We believe ingredients and process is what’s most important and practice whole plant healing. We maintain the highest quality and production standards and take pride in our artisanal approach. Our goal is to create products that promote wellness & self-care and we hope they become one of your daily indulgences!


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