CBD Giveaway Bundle

By: Winchester MD
Retail Value: $105
Giveaway Campaign
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CBD Giveaway Bundle

By: Winchester MD


Giveaway Campaign
$105 Value
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Age Range 19 - 55
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CBD Giveaway Bundle


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What You Will Receive

For this influencer giveaway campaign, you'll receive 3 of the The Goods CBD concentrates & a bunch of The Goods merch (caps, t-shirt, bottle etc.). Your giveaway winner will receive the same 3 CBD concentrates!


Have you been looking for the opportunity to legally work with recreational cannabis products in the UK?

If so, that's what The Goods is all about. We've created the highest quality, bespoke legal cannabis brand featuring CBD dominant pre rolls, CBD rich extracts (wax/shatter) and accessories. Our products are beautifully packaged, manufactured using high quality raw materials mostly in our GMP certified facility. Our vendors offer great customer service with a mission to make every customer experience a positive one. All our products are THC-free, which makes them legal to sell and promote in the UK.

For this campaign you'll receive 3 CBD concentrates & a bunch of The Goods merch (caps, t-shirt, bottle etc.). Your giveaway winner will receive the same 3 CBD concentrates!

There are 8 strain profiles available with the concentrates:

  • Natural
  • Banana Kush
  • Granddaddy Purple
  • Zkittlez
  • Blue Dream
  • Girlscout Cookies
  • OG Kush
  • Pineapple Express
  • Mojito
  • Daiquiri.
Every jar of shatter contains 99% premium CBD isolate infused with terpenes. These are pure CBD crystals enhanced with naturally-sourced terpenes. Available in an abundance of dope flavours and made with exceptionally high-quality hemp CBD and non-GMO ingredients.

ShoutOut Requirements

The Goods is a recreational cannabis lifestyle brand, the range looks its best when featured in social and fun settings. The packaging is very high quality and looks great up close or pictured in a set with other cannabis products. Feel free to show yourself using these products for home made things like cooking and making your own oils ties are great too!

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We want your followers to hear about our products in your own words as it's likely they haven't yet heard of us. While keeping to your usual style, make sure to echo the classy, exciting vibe that comes with The Goods brand.
All you have to do to enter is:
1️⃣Follow @thegoods_cbd & @leefylife
2️⃣Like this post.
3️⃣Tag a friend that you would share with. 1 tag per comment is 1 entry. Multiple tags = multiple entries!
Giveaway is open UK only and those who are 18+.

Giveaway the chance to win the compete CBD concentrates range, and have it delivered via private courier to their UK address.

Brand Story

Winchester MD is a family run legal cannabis company based in the UK. Formed in early 2018 by Marti, a then recent graduate from McGill University with a passion for cannabis and the positive ways in which it can improve ones health. It wasn't long until Faz, Marti's father, joined the company to help develop the business and fine tune Winchesters efficiency. Realising a unique demographic of CBD users, 3 brands were launched by Winchester in late 2019; The Goods (recreational), EQL (nutraceutical) and CBDrive (sports). Our first physical store was launched in Covent Garden central London when Arta, , joined the company to help develop our first physical presence. Winchester remains a pioneer in the UK CBD industry. In 2020, we created the first legal cannabis joint for sale in the UK, a product that has since taken the market by storm and proven to have high customer conversion. It would be our pleasure to welcome you with warm arms into our family company, and share with the world the products we're incredibly proud of.