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PAID Campaign with Cell Clinic

Value: $100

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Influencer Requirements:

Reach Engagement
2 %
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What you get to experience

Become a Brand Ambassador for Cell Clinic and get paid to share our amazing offer!

You will receive $200 as payment for

  • 1 static IG post and
  • 2 IG stories that show you with your mobile device and the cash you can get for it!

PLUS earn $15 commission for every device that is sent in using your code! After you have applied to the campaign, please wait for your unique link to use in your post. This is how you will know that you have been confirmed for the campaign! Please DO NOT post until you have received your code!

We are Canada’s leading mobile repair company who’s on a mission to save the environment and pay you for it! Your followers get an additional $15 cash for sending their phone in, and you earn $15 for each phone that gets sent in with your code!

We recycle and prolong the use of mobile devices in Canada. We pay cash to anyone who sends their old mobile device in, and yes – we pay more than the big carriers!

ShoutOut Requirements

ShoutOut Inspiration

ShoutOut on the Following Channels


Focus the visuals on your 'old' mobile device and the cash you can earn from it. Have the cash and device in hand or visible in the image.

Photo Tags

@cell_clinic_ltd, @ishopandshout


#cashforphones if you have an old device and you're looking to get top dollar, check out @cell_clinic_ltd! They pay more than Telus, Rogers, and Bell, and they actually pay you cash via Etransfer or PayPal! When your followers use your code, they get a bonus $15 on top of the value of their device!
(or something of that nature)


#cellclinic, #cashforphones, #shopandshout


1 Week

Follow these steps if you want to participate in a ShoutOut for

Step 1. Follow on and

Step 2. Click ShoutOut to add to your cart and then check out

Step 3. will send a unique web redemption code to your profile

Step 4. Have fun with your ShoutOut!

Brand Story

Committed to reducing e-waste on our planet through our many initiatives such as providing cash to our clients for their old mobile devices.


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