Co-host a MacBook Giveaway!

Retail Value: $150
Giveaway Campaign
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Co-host a MacBook Giveaway!



Giveaway Campaign
$150 Value
Instagram Reach 10000
Age Range 18 - 45
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Co-host a MacBook Giveaway!


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What You Will Receive

For this Campaign, you will receive a direct payment of $175 or MORE depending on your reach and engagement rate. Instead of payment, we can also offer you our growth services for your page if that is something you are interested in. We can also offer both a payment and the services, if you want that.


This is an amazing and easy opportunity for your followers to win a premium product, like a new MacBook! You are NOT selling anything and all you do is direct your followers to the campaign page where they enter to win for FREE!

ShoutOut Requirements

* You need to have a Macbook or access to one.
You can be working on it, holding it or hugging it. Whatever feels the most authentic to you! Something high quality and real. (These samples were taken quickly to give inspiration only).

@tsmagiveaway2020, @ishopandshout

#tsmaconsulting, #tsmagiveaway2020, #macbookair, #applecomputers, #shopandshout

You could win a brand new MacBook Air (or $1,000) and it's so easy to enter! I love my MacBook! (Alternate, I'd be lost without my MacBook! Or, something more authentic to you)
I've partnered with @tsmaconsulting for their November giveaway. Just follow the steps in the bio on this page @tsmagiveaway2020. Bonus entries for tagging two people on this post (more tags, more entries for you). Good luck, can't wait to share the winner!

*(you can make it your own in your own voice but this is what we suggest)

Giveaway Guidelines will be listed on the campaign page that you direct them to from your page. The prize this November is a new MacBook Air laptop. You will be posting some time in November - dates to be determined. Note: You may also archive your post after 5 days as well, if you would like to.

Brand Story

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