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Coast Cricket Protein Powder

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3 single serve protein powders made with the fastest growing alternative protein source in North America, crickets! Try the Chocolate, Vanilla and Peanut Butter flavoured protein powders.

These fun packets can be added to smoothies, cookies, muffins and even savory dishes! If you get excited about these words – High in Protein, Vitamin B12, Amino Acids, Iron – then our Cricket Protein Powder is for you. Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, No Sugar are also words we love.

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Brand Story

Coast Protein is Canada’s first cricket protein bar company and aims to make eating insects part of the North American diet. We choose crickets as our protein source as they are incredibly sustainable and nutritious. We’ve created 3 dairy-free, soy-free and no sugar-added protein powders; each are made with simple, minimal ingredients and contain up to 110% of your daily B12 requirement!


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