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Coordinate Bracelet

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What you get to experience

Receive a custom coordinates bracelet that can be precision laser engraved using any meaningful location in the world.

Details: You have the choice between sterling silver, gold, or rose gold for this bracelet. It is the perfect everyday bracelet because it is dainty and beautiful, and goes with everything! It also makes a very meaningful gift. The bar on this bracelet is 1.25″ wide and .20″ tall, and it comes on a 1 mm thick chain.
For the length of the bracelet chain, you can choose between 5.5″, 6″, 6.5″ 7″, 7.5″ and 8″ bracelet lengths. It also comes with a 2″ extender so that you can adjust it to the perfect fit. This means that you will be able to adjust the bracelet up or down by 1″ from the length you chose.

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We're looking for lifestyle pictures of influencers wearing our jewelry. We definitely want the piece of jewelry to be clear, but also on the person, not just the jewelry by itself, on a table, etc. You have creative freedom in regards to the setting of the picture and what is worn in the picture, we just ask that the jewelry is clear and it is obvious that it is the main focus of the picture.

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The caption should include an honest product review of the necklace, and should also include our Instagram handle.


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Brand Story

Sincerely Silver Co is a lifestyle brand that includes a minimalist collection of simple and classic jewelry for every day wear. We are family owned and operated, and put an extreme amount of care and attention to detail into every piece we make. Many of our pieces are able to be customized, allowing for us to create special and meaningful pieces and gifts for people all around the world. We aim to bring joy and create special pieces that hold deep meaning to those that order our jewelry. We have a high standard for quality and undergo many quality assurance steps to ensure that the pieces sent out are as best as they can be.


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