Dew Beauty Benefit Cream

By: Evalina Beauty
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Dew Beauty Benefit Cream

By: Evalina Beauty


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Dew Beauty Benefit Cream


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What You Will Receive

Receive the Dew Beauty Benefit Cream in the shade of your choice! The Dew Beauty Benefit Cream is a multi-tasking powerhouse that provides sheer coverage, Evalina’s Dew Beauty Benefit Cream will make your face look naturally radiant and give you that coveted ‘no makeup’ look.


This highly blendable product with the power of hyaluronic acid works to hydrate and prepare the skin, enhancing overall tone smoothness and glassy translucency to create a dewy translucent finish that looks luminous in any light.

The long-lasting, lightweight formula brightens the skin with light-diffusing pigments and includes high-quality ingredients and antioxidants such as squalene, grapeseed oil and vitamin E to hydrate skin. Dew Beauty Benefit cream nourishes, protects and moisturizes the skin all day and is easy to apply with our foundation brush or with your fingertips.

Fragrance-free Paraben-free Cruelty-free

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Brand Story

The very essence of Evalina Beauty is to give you the confidence to be your authentic self—no matter where life takes you. From dropping off the kids at school to making a presentation in the boardroom to glamming up for an evening out, Evalina believes that quality makeup should complement you in your day-to-day life—because you are already beautiful. Designed in Canada, Evalina Beauty is committed to providing you with a line of cosmetics that doesn't compromise when it comes to quality—with colours you'll love and products you can trust. Each of our products is paraben-free, cruelty-free, and designed to feel lightweight—it's not about covering up—it's all about bringing out your natural beauty.