Do You Albarino?

By: Azureau Wines & Spirits
Retail Value: $120
Shoutout Campaign
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Do You Albarino?

By: Azureau Wines & Spirits


Shoutout Campaign
$120 Value
Reach 2500
Age Range 22 - 55
Fashion & Style
*Local region restrictions may apply
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What You Will Receive

For participating in this ShoutOut campaign, you will receive 6 bottles of Paco & Lola Albarino, a crisp white from northwest Spain that begs for seafood, sunny days, and patios. *Please note this campaign is exclusive to Influencers located in Ontario, Canada.


Paco & Lola ranks as one of the most recognizable bottles of wine in Ontario. The iconic white polka dots on a black background boldly proclaim the brand, breaking through the clutter of trendy or staid wines. Paco & Lola is a part fashion statement, part luxury.

ShoutOut Requirements

We want high quality, arresting visuals that play on the influencer's unique sense of fashion and style. Polka dots in clothing or some other fashion element are required. The bottle(s) must be included in the shot. Our goal is to present Paco and Lola as an essential fashion accessory for the wine lover. Please note: *High-quality content will be considered for amplification as per the brand's discretion. *No minors present in the photos, please.

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Do you Albarino? If you haven't discovered the signature white wine of northwest Spain, it's high time. Lush tropical aromas enveloped with crisp mineral acidity make Albarino the perfect summer white. And no winery speaks Albarino more fluently than Paco & Lola, Canada's bestseller. Now available year-round at the LCBO, Paco & Lola is your perfect fashion accessory for your next dinner party or quiet glass on your own.

Brand Story

Azureau Wines and Spirits represents wine and spirits suppliers from around the world for sale to the LCBO and Ontario restaurants. Since our founding in 2008, the agency’s mantra has remained the same: Inspire Loyalty. That means everything we do–from the products we represent to the way we treat our clients, colleagues, and suppliers–should deepen our relationships.