Electrolyte Gummies: Pina Colada

By: Herbaland Gummies
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Electrolyte Gummies: Pina Colada

By: Herbaland Gummies


Shoutout Campaign
$40 Value
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Electrolyte Gummies: Pina Colada


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What You Will Receive

Selected influencers who take part in this campaign will receive a 12 pack of Herbaland's brand new Pina Colada Electrolyte Gummies!


These Performance Gummies offer a unique, refreshing take on serious nutrition. Each delicious 50g serving is packed with all the essential electrolytes such as potassium from natural coconut water, sodium, calcium and magnesium at optimal ratios for your body. Our performance gummies with some H20 will not only keep cramps away, but ensure you, your neurons and muscles are working to their best capabilities at all times.

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Post with a clear image of the pouch and the influence in an active setting. ie gym, outdoors, football field, beach etc

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Post should capture the following,
What- Product is an electrolyte supplement
Taste-Pina Colada
When- When used by influencer, before after training etc
Why- Why choose this supplement

Brand Story

Herbaland started in 2009. We saw a gap in the market, a demand for high-quality gummy vitamins. There weren't very many companies manufacturing them and, to be honest, those that were available weren't doing a great job. We headed into the lab and developed our own gummy recipes and a proprietary system for making the cleanest product in the world. Today, Herbaland is the largest nutritional gummy manufacturer in the world. The quality of our products is recognized globally and we export our products to over 30 countries.