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Enhanced Digestive Enzymes

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What you get to experience

Avena Digestive Enzymes – the spark of life

Experience Avena’s Enhanced Digestive Enzymes 180ct, Enzymes are used for every single purpose within the human body, life could not exist without them. Yet 99% of our supermarkets no longer contain any foods with natural enzymes anymore.

Supplementing with enzymes has the potential to slow ageing, improve digestion, increase energy.

If you are struggling with: acid reflux, heartburn, bloating, gas, cramping, asthma, allergies you should definitely consider supplementing with enzymes.

Quality First
Avena Enzymes are simply the very best on the market! Create by industry leading enzyme specialists, they are vegan, made 100% from plants, contain no fillers, additives, flavouring or anything you don’t want. They are 100% raw. 

Fun Recipe
For extra understanding try mixing Enzymes in cooked, room temperature Oatmeal. The Enzyme will breakdown the oatmeal into a liquid showing what predigestion looks like.

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Brand Story

Avena Originals was born out of the necessity to save a life! With the founder's wife dying of terminal lupus and given only weeks to live. Together they desperately sought out answers. They were introduced to a powerful lifestyle that had a long history of helping people heal themselves. Bio-Feedback devices like the Meridian Stress Analysis is what the family used to help focus and create a plan for recovery; with this, they started her battle back to health. It was like unlocking the secrets to health, they witnessed her incurable disease start shifting, and within eight months she had fully recovered from Lupus never to have it return. The entire family has dedicated their lives to providing these amazing tools needed her their recovery; they have also become teachers and guides for the lifestyle that saved a hopeless life. Avena Originals is dedicated to the highest quality natural health products in the world, surpassing all requirements and standards. It's the cleanest, most effective product you will ever experience!


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