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FreeYumm Snacks (3 boxes)

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3 boxes of our yummy on-the-go snack, made with school-friendly, wholesome ingredients that are always free of the Big 8+ Major Allergens.

At FreeYumm when we say “Share The Yumm”, we mean it! Our yummy bars and cookies are always school-friendly, and make a perfect grab n’ go snack! Every bar and cookie is baked fresh in our dedicated bakery to be free of the Big 8+ Major food allergens.

We use real ingredients that kids enjoy, and moms approve! Rather than using starchy fillers and refined sugars, each goodie is packed with wholesome ingredients like gluten-free oats, flaxseed, sunflower seeds, apples and blueberries! Plus, each bar or cookie is individually wrapped and labelled to ensure fun and easy sharing. If you’re still wondering… “how can they make something taste good without all of those ingredients?”… check out this testimonial from Jillian Harris:

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Brand Story

My friends would never have described me as a poster child for healthy eating. So, I am often asked why I started FreeYumm. And the answer is a combination of things, best described as a journey… When my son was 1 ½ he suffered from terrible eczema and digestive issues. After rejecting advice from doctors to use steroidal creams, we discovered that he was intolerant to dairy, egg, wheat, soy, and citrus. Allergy test results also came back positive for peanuts. I remember the day I found out. Stunned, I stared at the food in my pantry, wondering “but what else is there?” With much effort and research, my family adopted a new normal, which resulted in a healthier lifestyle for all of us (and yes, our son’s health blossomed!) But, I admit I was frustrated by the lack of allergen-friendly grab and go snacks in the market. So, I started making my own (of course, right?!). For my son’s second birthday I made a “special” cake that he could eat…. and he was soooo excited! I loved watching him dig in and enjoy it. But as I looked around at his “normal” friends, their expressions said it all... One kid was actually scraping the cake off his tongue (hey, kids are honest!) As my son recognized what was happening he looked at me… and I watched the excitement drain out of his eyes… That’s when I realized, it wasn’t enough to make food that he could eat… I needed to make food that he could also share. And that meant making food so delicious that all his friends would want some too. Why? Because sharing food is a fundamental part of being human. It is our universal social ritual - especially important amongst kids. The next step in my journey was realizing how many other kids had allergies… many different than on my son’s list. So, my challenge became making food free of the Big 8+ Major Allergens, which would cover the needs for 99% of people. I wanted to ensure everyone was able to share, and no one was left out. So, the simple answer to why I started FreeYumm? Because I believe passionately in the value of including everyone. And my way of supporting such a culture of inclusion is by making safe, yummy snacks for sharing. Sarah Clarke Founder FreeYumm Foods

2 reviews for FreeYumm Snacks (3 boxes)

  1. Kelly Sansalone

    Our family goes crazy over these bars! They are delicious. As a mom I love the clean ingredients and the fact that they are locally made. They are the perfect snack to take on our outdoor adventures. Blueberry Oat bars are a new found favourite flavour.

  2. Mariya Dimitrova

    My boy loves freeyumm and I love taking them as a snack for on the go. Makes my life easy when we go out for a walk or in car run to keep him quiet 🙂

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