By: Piecebynormie
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Shoutout Campaign
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By: Piecebynormie


Shoutout Campaign
$80 Value
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Age Range 19 - 45
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What You Will Receive

For this influencer campaign, you'll have the opportunity to choose $80 worth of jewelry that speaks you!


We are a brand new fashion jewelry company that sells Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets and Rings. We focus on high quality and one of a kind jewelry that is based in the glamorous and sunny California. Our goal is to provide our customers with affordable and unique pieces that would portray the individual beauty. Take a look at our website here: www.piecebynormie.com Influencers have the opportunity to choose $80 worth of jewelry that speaks you and your personal style!    

ShoutOut Requirements

The potential customers should see, feel and experience the pieces through the influencers. The jewelry should be clearly visible in at least the first photo if you're doing multiple posts/a carousel.

@piecebynormie, @ishopandshout

#fashionjewelry, #cutejewelry, #piecebynormie, #shopandshout

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Brand Story

Hello Fashion is not only about what you wear. Jewelry is not only about accessorizing your fashion. Our vision is to have unique pieces that can express your true personality and uniqueness. Explore Piecebynormie; use it to tell your story