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Jewlybox Subscription Bundle

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What you get to experience

3 pieces of our collection to keep, just like the first month of our subscription! 

Jewlybox is a keep jewelry subscription offering 3 pieces of gorgeous and on trend jewelry to keep delivered to your doorstep each month for just $19.99 a month!  Members can choose from either gold or silver tones.  A typical month consists of a bracelet, necklace and a pair of earrings. Jewlybox is the only keep subscriptions that provides value, quality, and on trend pieces each month for a price all women are able to afford, because everyone deserves to feel beautiful.

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A collection of 3 on trend pieces delivered to your doorstep to keep each month for just $19.99 / A brand focused on female empowerment and connecting women worldwide through jewelry.


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Brand Story

Jewlybox was founded out of our founder's 600 square foot apartment by Katie Schimmel. Katie's mission through Jewlybox is to empower women and give them a reason to feel beautiful and gorgeous each day! Her mission is to spread positivity through jewelry and connect women worldwide through the jewelry they wear in their day to day lives!


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