Keto Bars Giveaway

By: getkeyeats
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Keto Bars Giveaway

By: getkeyeats


Giveaway Campaign
$50 Value
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Keto Bars Giveaway


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What You Will Receive

For this influencer giveaway campaign, we'll send you a 12-Pack of one of our three flavors of Keto Bars, in exchange for a giveaway post. Flavors: chocolate chip cookie dough, vanilla almond, and double chocolate brownie. Your lucky giveaway winner will receive the same prize!


The Key Eats Bar is the ultimate low-carb food. As a team of MDs that care deeply about heart-health, nutrition, and whole ingredients, we could not find anything we loved on the market. That's why we worked with food scientists to create the Key Eats bar, the only plant-based, gluten-free bar that has the optimal keto macronutrient ratios. With only 3g net carbs (virtually all coming from almonds), 13.5g unsaturated fat, only 2.5g saturated fat (all fats are plant-based), 11g protein, and 9g fiber, this bar is filling enough to be a meal replacement, while the texture and flavor make it tasty enough to be a dessert you'll look forward to! You will receive a 12-Pack of one of three flavors of Keto Bars. The flavors include chocolate chip cookie dough, vanilla almond, and double chocolate brownie

  1. Chocolate chip cookie dough bar tastes exactly like the chocolate chip cookie dough you remember from childhood, while amazingly having the perfect nutrition for a low-carb lifestyle
  2. Vanilla almond Bar is our team favorite because it has the perfect nutrition for a low carb lifestyle, but tastes so good it satisfies the pickiest eaters - our kids!
  3. Double chocolate brownie bar tastes as decadent as a fresh baked brownie, while having the perfect nutrition for a low carb lifestyle.

ShoutOut Requirements

It should be fun and exciting. Make sure there are line breaks in between sections of writing(white space/less cluttered). Explain how excited you are for this follower in your audience to gain a breakthrough in their keto / weight loss journey through how delicious these bars are. Please try to use emojis for numbers and keto foods for emphasis.

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GIVEAWAY TIME!!!! - I am teaming up with @getkeyeats to gift you the tastiest keto bars you've ever had! - Are you excited to take your start or step up your keto journey?! - TO ENTER: Only 2 Simple Steps! 1. Follow me, @getkeyeats and @ishopandshout (fitness or keto food emoji) 2. Tag 3 friends ready to start or step up their keto journey!

You will be giving away one 12-Packs of your follower's choice of flavor to 1 lucky follower! GIVEAWAY GUIDELINES: All Giveaways must follow Instagram’s Promotion Guidelines TO ENTER: Follow me, @getkeyeats and @ishopandshout Tag a friend in the comment section below (one tag per comment)! The more friends you tag, the more chances of winning! CONDITIONS: Winner will be announced 1 week from today. Prize available to US residents only This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram.

Brand Story

We are taking the guess work out of tracking if your body is in ketosis. We want you to be successful with the ketogenic diet and gain a healthy lifestyle. Keyto is easy to use, accurate, and loved by tens of thousands of users!