Keyto Breathalyzer

By: Keyto
Retail Value: $99
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Keyto Breathalyzer

By: Keyto


Shoutout Campaign
$99 Value
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Age Range 20 - 50
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Keyto Breathalyzer


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What You Will Receive

You will receive your own Keyto breathalyser (retail value of $99) and free access the Keyto app.


 You will receive the Keyto breathalyzer along with access to the Keyto app, for free! Your ketones are measured and and tracked through the app in real time!

You will never have to guess again if your body is truly in ketosis! This device will step up your game on your ketogenic journey! You just breathe into the device to measure ketones, then check Keyto score on the app. You also get to be a part of a supportive community also staying healthy and losing weight! Simple, easy, and fun!

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So, did you know you can check your ketones with a ketone breath meter?? No, I didn’t either 😱 until the folks @keyto.health sent me some info and explained that it could be done 🤯 they were also very kind to send me one to try 🙏🏽 WOW! This meter is very cool. And now I can definitely know if I’m in ketosis 🙌🏽
Thank You @keyto.health 🧡
So, this is what you do: you first download the KEYTO APP that will then link this handy-dandy device, create your user name & password, turn your meter on, hit the “ + “ button and the button on the meter too then your meter syncs with the app through Bluetooth. You wait for it to give you the go ahead, blow into it and it detects acetone in your breath. You get your results in seconds.

Simple. Easy. Accurate.

I’m working on getting you guys a discount code ♥️ YAY!!! Friends! Sharing is Caring... Coming Soon!
DC: [couponcode20]

Brand Story

We are taking the guess work out of tracking if your body is in ketosis. We want you to be successful with the ketogenic diet and gain a healthy lifestyle. Keyto is easy to use, accurate, and loved by tens of thousands of users!