Lash & Lip Kit

By: Mi Beauti
Retail Value: $210
Shoutout Campaign
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Lash & Lip Kit

By: Mi Beauti


Shoutout Campaign
$210 Value
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Lash & Lip Kit


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What You Will Receive

New Technology lash fixative eyeliner and lashes, a Lip plumping lip gloss, and lip treatment. Let's not forget the rose gold lash tools set! Also upon activation, the Brand will send a customized discount code for you to share with your followers. Everything included in this product bundle:

Attraction Lash Fixative Black

Attraction Lash Fixative Clear

Classi Set of FauxMink Lashes

Cheeki Set of FauxMink Lashes

Lip Plumper Lip gloss in rose

Lip Plumper treatment (brand new not on site yet)

Rose gold tool collection - Lash curler, Lash and Brow Scissors, Lash Applicator, Tweezers

To see more info you can visit www.mibeauti.com


Mi Beauti Lash & Lip Kit. Mi Beauti has new lash technology lash fixative that is simply an eyeliner that strip lashes stick directly to, no magnets, glue free, and no mess. Black Liner doubles as an eyeliner liner and adhesive. Use clear for a more natural look. Each Influencer will also receive lip plumper gloss and lip plumper treatment to get some Lush, plump lips.

ShoutOut Requirements

We like elegant, clean, white, bright and that has a fun, classy, simple, beautiful feel. Show your gorgeous yourself wearing our products & individual product pictures. Also, we would love any application videos to share too!

@mibeauti, @ishopandshout

#mibeauti, #shoutout

Firstly, please keep authentic and brand-aligned for your own brand. Please share how these products are Vegan, Cruelty-Free, No Mess, Glue Free, Easy & anyone can now wear lashes. Share yourself wearing our products & please include the products in the pictures! Direct them to our Instagram profile and/or our website mi-beauti.com!

Brand Story

We are a Up and coming Beauty Brand who were the first to come out with lash liner adhesive, no magnets. We love making women feel good about them self’s without having to be pro makeup artists. Easy to use fuss free, no Mess lashes.