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Locker Board Kick-off

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What you get to experience

1 Trickster Locker Board

  • Designed for tricks
  • Fits inside backpack or locker
  • 17″ Locker Board deck handmade from recycled decks, varies in color, and one-of-a-kind
  • As seen on “Shark Tank”

Locker Board skateboards are a sustainable line of skateboards designed to fit inside lockers and backpacks for school and traveling. They were invented by 13-year-old CEO, Carson Kropfl. We are looking for students from elementary school to college who either want to learn to skate or love skating and can film videos and take pictures of them riding, packing and/or traveling to unique places with their Locker Board. Locker Board focuses on three key selling points: fun to ride, easy to take anywhere and good for the planet. We are looking for ambassadors that can illustrate these three things with their Locker Board. Locker Board decks are made from recycled skateboard decks. That’s what makes them sustainable.


ShoutOut Requirements

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Post pics or videos of you riding and traveling with your Locker Board

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Locker Boards are fun to ride, easy to take anywhere and good for the planet.


@lockerboard @carson_kropfl @ishopandshout


2 Weeks

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Brand Story

The only non-folding, sustainably-sourced skateboards on the market that can fit inside a backpack, Locker Boards are designed for school and traveling. These patented, compact skateboards feature environmentally-conscious decks handmade from 100% recycled maple wood by esteemed skateboard manufacturer, PS Stix, and come assembled with brand-new, high-end custom wheels, trucks, and steel bearings. A portion of proceeds are donated to Ocean Unite for ocean conservation. Made by a kid for kids. Locker Board’s 13-year-old CFO (Chief Fun Officer) designed Locker Boards to be fun to ride, easy to take anywhere, and good for the planet. As seen on “Shark Tank” with Sir Richard Branson as a key investor. Locker Board products are available at www.LockerBoard.net and Amazon.com


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