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Low Sugar Kombucha Soda

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The delicious NEW Low Sugar Kombucha Soda’s from Wild Tea Kombucha! One of each flavour to taste and inspire you. Raw and unpasteurized with living bacteria and cultures, WTK Soda is a healthy alternative to pop and one of the lowest sugar kombucha’s on the market!

Root Beer with Ginger

This rich and creamy root beer packs a fizzy punch. Ginger is widely known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

Orange Pop with Ginseng

Classic, zested orange flavour supported by energy boosting ginseng. It’s a guilt free treat that’ll transport you to a hot and sunny summer afternoon.

Cream Soda with Schisandra

A comforting cream soda that your body will crave. We added super berry schisandra for it’s calming, and stress reducing properties. What’s not to love about this bubbly blend!

Cola with Elderberry

The crisp and tangy flavour you’d expect from a cola with the probiotic boost from our raw kombucha, and the immune support from elderberries. How refreshing!


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Brand Story

Wild Tea Kombucha is a Calgary, Alberta based and female owned kombucha brewer with currently two different product lines; Cocktail Inspired Kombucha, and Low Sugar Kombucha Soda. Founded in 2015 by two female entrepreneurs, Wild Tea is focused on creating the highest quality and unique kombucha on the market for both the kombucha curious and the fearless kombucha lover! Wild Tea's products are all raw and unpasteurized with living digestive enzymes that help promote a happy, healthy digestive system. Feel good, look good and most of all, STAY WILD with Wild Tea Kombucha.


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