Machool Gift Box

By: Machool
Retail Value: $330
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Machool Gift Box

By: Machool


Giveaway Campaign
$330 Value
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Machool Gift Box


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What You Will Receive

A Machool "Gift Box" filled with top products from our vendors/customers who use our shipping application.


A Machool "Gift Box" that will be filled with goodies from our top ecommerce retailer customers who use Machool to ship their products nationwide. This custom Green gift box includes:

  1. 5pk reusable and compostable towel (Environmentally friendly reusable, biodegradable, compostable, cleaning cloths)
  2. Yoga Shape Balance Board - It is perfect for all YOGA and PILATE adepts who want to improve their proprioception. The board and roll are both hand made with 100% recycled wood
  3. A bag of Speciality Roasted Coffee Beans - Introducing specialty coffees to coffee lovers to enrich their daily experience with unique notes and flavors, developed by Quebec coffee roasters.

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Win a Lifestyle Gift Box from @machool_tech!

As an influencer I get a lot of products. Just got these great products & all these products are being shipped through Machool! If you are an influencer or brand looking to ship products you should check out Machool! It was fast & easy!

Guidelines: 1) Follow @machool_tech & [your page] 2)Tag 2 friends We'd like to request your contest campaign to run for 4-5 days minimum

We will offer the same giftbox for them to giveaway to their followers.

Brand Story

Shipping made easy! Machool empowers you to bring all your shipping needs into one platform and is the fastest way to compare real-time rates, streamline your shipping process, and provide insightful reporting and data... No installation or setup required, just sign up and start shipping in minutes.