Maple Water: Summer Adventure

By: Maple3
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Shoutout Campaign
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Maple Water: Summer Adventure

By: Maple3


Shoutout Campaign
$142 Value
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Age Range 19 - 35
Active Lifestyle Food & Drink Health & Wellness
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Maple Water: Summer Adventure


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What You Will Receive

For this influencers campaign, you'll receive a pack of 24 Maple Waters, in 2 new flavours (retail value of $62) plus a Gift Bag with a reusable/foldable cup (retail value $80).


You will receive a 24pk of Maple3 Organic Maple Water and a Gift Bag filled with goodies! Maple3 water naturally contains 46 bioactive compounds that help your body recover after exercise making Maple 3 a great alternative to artificial sports drinks. Thoroughly harvested every spring, our maple production is organic certified and exclusively chosen to get the best quality and taste of maple water. 2 flavours of Maple3 Organic Maple Water (24 bottles in total):

  1. Pure Maple Water (12 x 330 ML) - Ideal to drink pure and to bring during your physical activities or with your healthy lunches at work.
  2. Lemon/Lime Flavoured Maple Water (12 x 330 ML) - Organic Maple 3 maple water with a hint of natural lemon/lime flavour
Benefits of Maple3 Organic Maple Water:
  • Contains 46 bioactive compounds that help your body recover after exercise
  • Eco Friendly Packaging
  • Low in Calories (35 Calories/portion 375 ML)
  • Delicious Maple taste
  • Local Product
  • Organic certified

ShoutOut Requirements

You must create both post & story for this campaign. 1) Post: we would like the images to focus on using Maple3 water after or during your fitness routine. Whether you are hiking a trail, finished a run or taking a break from your yoga routine, we want to showcase Maple3 as your go to electrolyte drink while you keep fit. 2) Story must include the promo code for 20% off our online store: TAPINTONATURE20 and the swipe up must link to https://www.maple3.ca/online-store

@maple3, @ishopandshout, @maplefromquebec

#maple3, #tapintonature, #shoutout, #incroyableerable

Please focus on the benefits of Maple3: ORGANIC, NO ADDED SUGAR, NO PRESERVATIVES, LOW IN CALORIES & CONTAINS ELECTROLYTES & MINERALS. Relate on how this product could apply in your active lifestyle (hike, running, yoga, gym). We also want you to call out the nearest retailer that carries Maple3.

for people in BC : Available at Whole Foods, Nature's Fare, Choices
for people in ON : Available at Farm Boy
for people in QC : Available at IGA, Metro and Independent health stores

PLEASE TAG THE RETAILER IN YOUR POST. Include the promo code for 20% off on our online store: TAPINTONATURE20 and to say where they are available to purchase (both in the story & post).

Here's an example of a caption: "@Maple3 contains natural sugar, electrolytes & minerals to help keep me hydrated etc........Available at @Farmboy near you".

Brand Story

Maple 3 organic maple water hydrates two times faster than water making it the perfect drink for active, health-conscious people. Maple 3 is committed to taking environmental measures like choosing an eco-friendly packaging and by not harming the trees. In fact, more than just having a delicious taste and low calories, our maple sap is packaged in a 100% recyclable container made from 68% recycled paper.