Organic Maple Water

By: Maple3
Retail Value: $62
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Organic Maple Water

By: Maple3


Shoutout Campaign
$62 Value
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Organic Maple Water


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What You Will Receive

For this influencers campaign, you'll receive a pack of 24 Maple Waters, in 2 new flavours (retail value of $62) plus a Gift Bag with a reusable/foldable cup (retail value $80).


You will receive a 24pk of Maple3 Organic Maple Water and a Gift Bag filled with goodies! Maple3 water naturally contains 46 bioactive compounds that help your body recover after exercise making Maple 3 a great alternative to artificial sports drinks. Thoroughly harvested every spring, our maple production is organic certified and exclusively chosen to get the best quality and taste of maple water. 2 flavours of Maple3 Organic Maple Water (24 bottles in total):

  1. Pure Maple Water (12 x 330 ML) - Ideal to drink pure and to bring during your physical activities or with your healthy lunches at work.
  2. Lemon/Lime Flavoured Maple Water (12 x 330 ML) - Organic Maple 3 maple water with a hint of natural lemon/lime flavour
Benefits of Maple3 Organic Maple Water:
  • Contains 46 bioactive compounds that help your body recover after exercise
  • Eco Friendly Packaging
  • Low in Calories (35 Calories/portion 375 ML)
  • Delicious Maple taste
  • Local Product
  • Organic certified

ShoutOut Requirements

1)Outdoor 2)Physical Activity - Hiking, Swimming, Working Out, Biking, Walking **Gift Bag MUST be in image

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Brand Story

Maple 3 organic maple water hydrates two times faster than water making it the perfect drink for active, health-conscious people. Maple 3 is committed to taking environmental measures like choosing an eco-friendly packaging and by not harming the trees. In fact, more than just having a delicious taste and low calories, our maple sap is packaged in a 100% recyclable container made from 68% recycled paper.