Mermaid Gin

By: Azureau Wines & Spirits
Retail Value: $85
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Mermaid Gin

By: Azureau Wines & Spirits


Shoutout Campaign
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Mermaid Gin


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What You Will Receive

For this influencer campaign, you'll receive a bottle of Mermaid London Dry Gin from the Isle of Wight, UK (retail value: $85)! **This campaign is limited to Ontario, CA


Mermaid Gin is one of the hottest brands on LCBO shelves this summer. Crafted from foraged botanicals on the rugged Isle of Wight, Mermaid is made with rigorous commitment to sustainability. The custom Venetian glass bottle screams Instagram and will be sure to engage many a Gin and Design afficiando. You'll receive a bottle of Mermaid London Dry Gin from the Isle of Wight, UK (retail value: $85)!

ShoutOut Requirements

Our end goal is to captivate your followers with an awe-inspiring photo of Mermaid Gin in your personal setting/style. Be it a home bar, out-door setting, or in your loving hands, we want people to see just how beautiful this bottle of Gin is. This is a premium product for those moments of indulgence either for yourself, for your friends, or for when you want to impress. Please choose an appropriate location, background to signal premium, attention to detail, top quality. Acceptable photos must be Classy, upscale, with people. Please include the Mermaid Gin bottle in the photo. Please remember no minors, nothing illegal, no drinking and driving, etc.

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The beauty of Mermaid Gin captures your attention; the liquid in the bottle and story behind it captivates you. Mermaid Gin is made by Isle of Wight Distillery, the only distillery on the rugged island off the coast of the United Kingdom. Hand-crafted on the Isle of Wight using ten ethically sourced botanicals, Mermaid Gin delivers a smooth yet complex blend of fresh organic lemon zest and peppery grains of paradise, with a hint of sea air from locally foraged, fragrant rock samphire. A refreshing and invigorating serve, for the free-spirited. Every aspect of Mermaid Gin's production is ethically and sustainably guided; from its ingredients to its packaging to its supply to Gin lovers around the world.

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