Premium Teas & Powders

By: Miguel’s Tea
Retail Value: $40
Shoutout Campaign
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Premium Teas & Powders

By: Miguel’s Tea


Shoutout Campaign
$40 Value
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Age Range 19 - 55
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What You Will Receive

For completing this Shoutout Campaign you will receive 1 pack of Matcha Green Tea, 1 pack of Cha-Cha-Cha Beach Chai, and 1 pack of Salsa Super Chai. *We ask that you please post content within 1 week of receiving the product shipment. *This campaign is available to Influencers located in the United States and Australia.


Yes, our roots are Latino Caribean and we love tea and Latin music. We provide organic and premium loose leaf teas and powders. All handcrafted in Australia. Miguel's tea is about the passion, vibrancy, and energetic moods our tea can bring. Yes, drinking tea should be alluring again. Captivating memories of tropical destinations, or the calm and awe of majestic mountains. Meditate with our organic Matcha green tea. Grab your dancing shoes because our Salsa Super Chai should make you move to the rhythm. Salsa? Cha-Cha-Cha at the beach?

ShoutOut Requirements

We would love you to set yourself in a 'tropical vibe'. Think beach, think dancing, health, and vitality. We want your followers to feel like they are enjoying this premium tea with you through your photo! Be authentic and add your own personal flair to your post! Please have the products and yourself in the photo; and feel free to enjoy it with a friend or two. *Please post content within 1 week of receiving the product shipment.

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Think happiness, fun, and dancing for your caption. Please tag @miguelsstea and encourage your followers to check out our Premium Teas and Powders on Miguel's Tea website! Talk about the tasting notes of each of the products you received. Talk about how you drink your tea and what you mix with the powder. Tell your followers who you'd like to enjoy a cup with and feel free to mention some of the points in the description of Miguel's Tea above. In the caption please note your followers can: receive a 25% discount on their initial purchase by tagging a friend in the comments; they too will receive a 25% discount. Followers have a 72-hour window to use the discount ( 72 hours from the time the IG post goes up using the code: salsa25 )

Brand Story

Organic loose leaf tea company that has the best organic matcha, acai powder, and strong premium super chai teas available. Teas are produced and packaged in Australia. Miguel's tea is about capturing the hidden seductiveness and elegance of tea. Passionate, but refine. Energizing, yet calming. For us, it's like dancing to Latin music on the beach.