What you get to experience

Mio SLICE™ is the first wearable to capture your heart rate data and translate it into PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence). PAI is the only system to give you a single, personal score, showing how much activity you need to stay healthy. SLICE also includes sleep tracking, calories burned, smartphone notifications and more—all in a stylish water-resistant wrist band operated by one simple button.

Value: ($149 CAD / $129 USD) x 2



What Is PAI?


Why Should I Use PAI?


It’s Simple

Maintain a score of 100 PAI or higher for maximum health benefits. No matter the activity or exercise, PAI is the only number that matters.


It’s Personal

PAI is calculated based on your heart rate data and personal profile over a 7-day rolling period, making it unique to you. Work out more on some days and less on others.


It’s Scientific

PAI is founded upon data from the HUNT Study—one of the world’s largest health studies conducted over a 25-year period with more than 45,000 participants.


It’s Meaningful

PAI is based on heart rate, the most accurate and meaningful way to measure your body’s response to physical activity. PAI counts all physical activity that increases your heart beat.


What People Are Saying About PAI


Mio SLICE is available in four colours (black, navy, stone and sienna) and two sizes (large and small). For more information, please visit www.mioglobal.com/slice.


*Note: In order to be able to use Mio SLICE, you must have a smartphone with iOS 9.0 and above (iPhone 5S or newer) or Android 5.0 and above (Google Nexus 5, 5x, 6, 6p; Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, S7, Note 5).


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