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Home Teeth-Whitening Kit

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An awesome teeth-whitening kit (2 week kit) from Mr.Bright Smile. 

It’s time to smile bright with Mr Bright’s 2-week teeth whitening kit. You’ll see your pearly whites glow in just 10 minutes.

Mr. Bright is a trusted and easy way to a whiter smile, seeing brilliant results in just 10 minutes. Mr Bright uses high quality ingredients that are hydrogen peroxide free & vegan friendly, enabling you to smile bright with no harmful chemicals.

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Brand Story

In a world where everyone is after a whiter, brighter smile, Mr Bright  focuses on premium, safe dental care. Mr Bright is fast being respected as one of the best whitening systems, giving fantastic results, on the market. Mr Bright is an Australian-owned brand, which is working to have the respect of dental practitioners and retailers, as well as the general public.

1 review for Home Teeth-Whitening Kit

  1. Jules Fletcher

    A very lovely company to work with! They went above and beyond. And they have a nice product as well. Would love to work with them again anytime!

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