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Nala Free-From Deodorant

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What you get to experience

Choose between 3 beautiful scents of our all-natural deodorant. 1. Peppermint & Activated Charcoal; 2. Sandalwood & Bergamot; or 3. Lemon Myrtle & Geranium

At Nala, we believe your deodorant should be made to your needs. In addition to our different scents, each deodorant is a different strength. Choose the one that calls to you most and let us know what you think! Each deodorant is handmade right here in Vancouver and made with the highest quality ingredients. 

All products are 100% free from:

Aluminum | Phthalates | Parabens | Petroleum | Carcinogens | Cruelty

Our Ingredients – Every single ingredient in our products is carefully chosen by our team for its unique benefits, in order to create a formulation that is as effective as it is natural and healthy.

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Brand Story

In 2013, we lost a vital member of our family to cancer. Alan – father, husband, friend, and mentor – whose energy was contagious and had a tendency towards larger than life ideas – was claimed by stage 4 non-small cell lung cancer. It felt too cruel and it definitely felt too soon to lose someone deserving of so much more life. Deep loss inspired deeper inquiry, and as we waded through the realities of health and wellbeing, Nala grew from an idea into a necessity. We became incapable of ignoring an issue that rattled us deep within – a value we carry forth into what Nala stands for today. As a mother-daughter duo, our goals are twofold: 1. Change the way we, as a society, view health & self-care by providing high quality products free from negative side effects. 2. End the meaningless suffering that comes from losing loved ones too soon. At Nala, we want you to care for yourself in a way that keeps you around for those closest to you for a long, long time to come.

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    Nala deodorant options

    Lemon Myrtle & Geranium, Peppermint & Activated Charcoal, Sandalwood & Bergamot


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