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Blanc Honey Skincare

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A new J-Beauty brand is coming out this summer, and we’d like great creatives to promote our Blanc Honey Peeling Lotion and Blanc Honey Moisture Serum.

Our Blanc Honey Moisture Serum is an all-in-one beauty product that penetrates deep to replenish skin with what it really needs.

  • hydrates and softens skin for smoother, healthier skin;
  • 4 benefits in one. Works as a booster, lotion, emulsion and serum;
  • Ingredients such as 100 times permeation Vitamin C, ethoxy diglycol, Cyclohexane-1,4-dicarboxylic acid bisethoxy diglycol helps ingredients penetrate deeper into skin;
  • Provides intense hydration with Lipidure and high doses of hyaluronic acid;
  • Ceramide and an abundant amount of raw collagen to smooth and soften skin;
  • Conditions skin with amino acids, Manuka honey, apple stem cells, apple extract, grapefruit, strawberry and rosemary;
  • Supports skin’s natural barrier function by replenishing with amino acids and Manuka honey;
  • Softens and brightens skin.

Use our Blanc Honey Peeling Lotion to reset and nourish your skin with Manuka honey & Amino acids. An 8-in-1 wipe-off skin care that helps improve efficacy of any skin care product that follows. A new, easy but effective skin care brand debuts exclusively on COSMEIST!

  • Refreshes skin by removing excessive oils and sebum which causes skin darkening, roughness and cause of large pores
  • 8 benefits in one. Provides pore care, improves dullness, roughness, darkening, works as a peeling, cleanser, booster and lotion
  • Ingredients such as 100 times permeation Vitamin C, ethoxy diglycol, Cyclohexane-1,4-dicarboxylic acid bisethoxy diglycol helps ingredients penetrate deeper into skin
  • Fruit AHA, fermented rose honey, willow bark extract and fermented pear extract cleanse and provide pore care while artichoke and kiwi tightens pores
  • Conditions skin with hyaluronic acid, amino acids, Manuka honey, sage, saxifrage and soapberries
  • Instantly balances PH level
  • Softens and brightens skin
  • Can be used a face wash and/or hydrating lotion
  • Light finish

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Brand Story

This product goes on sale this Summer in Japan, so you get to experience a pre-release product. Our brand values lie in saving time on skin care while maximizing results. Our products only replenish the skin with what is really needed, focusing on Manuka honey and amino acids. Enriched with beauty components, BLANC HONEY moisturizes your skin to reveal a glowing and radiant complexion.


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