New Lover’s Tempo Hair Accessories

By: Lover’s Tempo
Retail Value: $72
Shoutout Campaign
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New Lover’s Tempo Hair Accessories

By: Lover’s Tempo


Shoutout Campaign
$72 Value
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Age Range 18 - 55
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New Lover’s Tempo Hair Accessories


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What You Will Receive

For this influencer campaign, you'll receive one 2-pack of thin and sophisticated Florence Hair Clips and one 2 pack of chunky Piper Hair Clips (4 hair clips in total).


Lover's Tempo is expanding its line to offer on-trend hair accessories for a great price. We want you to show your followers how easy and effortless it is to throw a clip in your hair, look instantly polished, and call it a day. All of these hair clips are designed in Vancouver, Canada by two creatively driven women Elaine Kim and Leslie Hoolaeff. You will receive both collections of hair clips: The Piper Hair Clips are a simple split-clip these versatile go-with-everything clips come in 5 unique and iridescent colourways. The Florence Hair Clips are Piper’s sophisticated sister. These sets of 2 skinny clips come in navy, white, green, pink, grey and tortoise to hold back flyaways or to add a hint of colour.

ShoutOut Requirements

Your post should look natural. You're living your daily life, running off to work, grabbing a coffee, fixing your hair in the mirror, or throwing a clip in your hair before running out the door. The clip should be completely visible. Not all clips need to be in the photos. Show us how you style your hair with these clips, add your own flair!

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Be creative!

Brand Story

Lover’s Tempo is an approachable and expressive jewelry line run by two creatively driven women who truly know what it’s like to yearn for a sense of classic style, ease and substance in today’s hyper-connected world. We operate from the belief that small moves make a big impact, which is why our collections focus on fine details that add a touch of brilliance to your everyday style. Just like you, we’ve got big plans – and our dreams are reflected in each and every piece we design out of our beautiful studio in Vancouver, Canada. We are endlessly inspired by everyday creativity, and we believe that feeling your finest should be the most effortless part of your busy day.