Nuts For Cheese August Campaign

By: Nuts For Cheese
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Shoutout Campaign
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Nuts For Cheese August Campaign

By: Nuts For Cheese


Shoutout Campaign
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Nuts For Cheese August Campaign


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Canada Influencers - you will receive 3 Free Wedge Coupons (on your mail) to be redeemed in your nearest retail stores


Our 100% dairy-free plant-based cheese is made from certified organic cashews with certified Fairtrade ingredients. Our cheeses are soy-free, gluten-free, gmo-free and we don't use any gums or fillers. At Nuts For Cheese, we know that a high-end gourmet cheese experience doesn't need to rely on dairy. You can have your vegan cheese and eat it too. Our flavours include:

  • Black Garlic: a smooth, semi-firm wedge with a rind of activated charcoal that features earthy tones of porcini mushroom and black garlic
  • Un-Brie-Lievable: a rich and creamy semi-firm wedge that delivers a smooth, clean profile
  • Chipotle "Cheddar" Flavoured Wedge: a bold, rich, golden orange coloured, semi-firm wedge, with a hint of spice, this is speckled with crushed chipotle peppers in adobo sauce.
  • Red Rind: a rich and creamy, semi-firm wedge with a smoky paprika rind that offers a savoury, smooth taste.
  • Smoky Artichoke and Herb: a fresh infusion of artichoke and lemon pesto matched with subtle smokiness and herbs in this creamy, semi-firm wedge.
  • Super "Blue": a sharp, rich, and bold, semi-firm wedge marbled with Spirulina.

ShoutOut Requirements

We would like to see clean, eco-friendly environment and more human touch with outdoor vibe with example themes:
- National Sandwich Day
- Picnic Day
- Wine pairing outdoor activity

@nutsforcheese, @ishopandshout

#nutsforcheese, #organic, #shoutout

Positive and uplifting caption relatively about summer/outdoor/picnic with Nuts For Cheese.

Please mention:
- That our cheeses are now available in US.
- That Nuts For Cheese is 100% dairy free plant-based cheese and is made from certified organic cashews with Fairtrade ingredients.
- Redirect to our website: www.nutsforcheese.com to find out more about the products and where we are available.

Brand Story

Nuts For Cheese makes artisan 100% dairy-free plant-based cheese from cultured organic cashews. Our cheeses are sliceable, spreadable, shreddable and meltable, and we don’t use any gums, starches or fillers. We currently offer six different varieties: Smoky Artichoke and Herb, Super Blue, Un-Brie-Lievable, Red Rind, Black Garlic, and Chipotle Cheddar. We provide consumers with a Canadian made, premium, 100% dairy-free plant-based cheeses that look, and taste great. We bridge the gap of having a delicious product and an alternative that supports environmental sustainability and ethics in food manufacturing. Our mission is to show consumers that you can have your vegan cheese and eat it too.