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One Month of Restore

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Stress and the excess production of cortisol within the body is one of the leading causes behind weight gain, low libido, cravings, insomnia and that dreaded 3pm energy crash.

Restore was designed to address todays high paced lifestyle and balance your adrenals (which is what releases cortisol.)

All natural, vegan, one a day, scientifically backed and formulated plus Candadian owned and operated this was created after the owners own extreme issues with adrenals.

The ingredients are known as adaptogens which help bring the body back into alignment and to deal with stress.

Chinese Hawthorn…stress induced depression, heart tonic and support
KSM66 Ashwaghanda..highest grade you can buy with 14 years of clinical studies
Bacopa…mental clarity helps get you over thats 3pm hump
Astragalus…blood sugar stabilizers, stress, lowers cortisol
Schisandra…supports the immune system, anti inflammatory, reduces night sweats
B3…Anti stress vitamin…creates energy from protein, fats and carb

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Brand Story

At Aeryon Wellness our goal is to create premium grade, scientifically backed products that deliver the additional support needed for today’s high-paced lifestyle. Each formula is designed with the intention to provide you and your loved ones lasting health and wellness. We believe in contributing to the lives of our business partners including customers, employees, suppliers and the communities we serve in a cooperative and sustainable manner. Designed from the owners 25-year battle with eating disorders and extreme dieting, her body was under extreme stress. In combining these ingredients she was able to find a winning formula that helped bring her body back into balance. A portion from each sale goes to the East Side Women's Shelter.


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