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PerioBrite Oral Health Bundle

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RECEIVE Nature’s Answer PerioBrite Oral Health Care Bundle

Bundle includes: A toothpaste and a mouthwash, each in the flavor of your choice (Cinnamint, Coolmint, or Wintermint) PLUS our mouth-watering Dry Mouth Lozenges AND a bamboo toothbrush sent directly to you.

Our oral health care line features our exclusive patented combination of botanicals and nutraceuticals to help you smile naturally and maintain good oral health every day!

Dentist formulated, these products contain soothing wild-crafted herbs such as aloe vera and Phytoplenalin (Centipeda cunninghamii), along with oregano, cinnamon, clove, CoQ10, and folic acid.

All products are free of preservatives, fluoride, alcohol, synthetic solvents, sodium lauryl sulfate, artificial sweeteners, colors, and dyes. Only the finest natural ingredients are included for a healthy, happy smile!

  • Naturally Brightens Teeth and Moistens Gums
  • Fights Bad Breath and Promotes a Healthy Oral Environment Naturally with Organic Herbs, CoQ10, Olive Leaf, & Folic Acid
  • Great Tasting, Alcohol-Free, Fluoride-Free, No Artificial Sweeteners or Preservatives

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Brand Story

Frank D’Amelio Sr. and his wife Josephine turned their passion for healthy living and interest in the healing powers of plants and herbs into one of the largest family-owned and operated manufacturers of nutritional supplements today. From humble beginnings back in 1972 to its current modern state-of-the-art facility, Nature’s Answer® has evolved into one of the largest family-owned and operated manufacturers of high-quality nutritional products. Today, the company’s modern, advanced facility located in Hauppauge, New York, houses a Kosher-inspected, NSF certified manufacturing operation, R&D Lab, QC Department, Microbiological Lab, and Modern Warehousing Complex and comprises a professional staff of natural product chemists, pharmacognosists, microbiologists, formulation chemists, and herbalists. You can trust that their products come from the very best of nature, dedicated people, and top-notch manufacturing practices. “What that means to our customers is that the purity of our products and our uncompromising manufacturing practices are assured by a deep-rooted set of values that began 45 years ago and continue to be upheld by three generations. For us, it’s more than company-wide commitment, it’s a promise made from our family to yours.” - Frank D’Amelio Sr.


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