Workout Supplements Bundle

By: Simply Nutrition
Retail Value: $150
Shoutout Campaign
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Workout Supplements Bundle

By: Simply Nutrition


Shoutout Campaign
$150 Value
Reach 5000
Age Range 21 - 55
Active Lifestyle Food & Drink Health & Wellness

Workout Supplements Bundle


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What You Will Receive

For this influencer campaign, you'll receive 3 our top selling gym supplements used by professional athletes and body builders everywhere. Including: SUPERFOOD Greens Supplements, Hybrid Fat Burner & Pro-Testosterone Stimulator Supplements.


PharmaFreak is a brand known for it's exceptional line of workout products. Each influencer will receive our supplement pack worth at least $150 geared towards weight loss, immune support and muscle building. Your supplement package includes:

  1. Superfood Greens Supplements (sweet apple flavour) - contains unique blends of top-quality ingredients and complexes that help maximize performance and optimal health. this innovative supplement is loaded with super greens, acting as an antioxidant and for body detoxification.
  2. Hybrid Fat Burner - formulated to release stored fat and help you burn fat at an extremely high rate. Contains a scientifically selected choice of ingredients delivered in the most effective doses to help your body safely and effectively lose weight fast.
  3. Pro-Testosterone Stimulator Supplements - designed to help increase testosterone production. An increase in testosterone increases the body's ability to gain muscle and strength.

ShoutOut Requirements

Post should look natural, they should be in your own natural language but must explain the purpose and benefits of each product. Photos must be tagged with a @pharmafreak mention.

@pharmafreak, @ishopandshout

#motivationmonday, #legday

Speak freely about the product speaking in a manner that promotes the brand. use your platform and audience to create an authentic post that resonates. Don't try to over sell, but be natural and optimistic in tone. Focus on how this product could apply in your life, weight loss, energy, green living, gym inspiration, legday etc. Choose a subject and run with it.} Also, the brand will reach out to Influencers will give you coupon codes to distribute to their followers, redeemable on Amazon, where shoppers will receive an extra $4 off the cost of the products.

Brand Story

Simply Nutrition is a wellness retailer committed to serving natural products to people who lead naturally balanced lifestyles. We carry natural products of all types: vitamins, supplements, CBD products, workout products, beauty and bath products, and so much more. We manage various brands. Think of us as an agency representing multiple brands.